Protected Trees

Find out which Protected Trees Christchurch is harbouring

There are a number of protected trees in Christchurch. Protected trees are those which have significance to the city for one or a combination of reasons – the trees’ scenic, recreational, scientific, historical status. In the residential environment, there are trees protected during sub-division and development, this is to protect Christchurch City’s identified trees from unnecessary removal.

There are conditions imposed by the Christchurch City Council on how they can be managed to ensure the tree’s longevity and health. Any maintenance carried out on a protected tree must be done with Christchurch City Council’s approval. Treetech are Christchurch City Council approved contractors.

If you are unsure which protected trees Christchurch has to offer, and want us to check if a protected tree is on your property, please contact us. Our team of specialists are trained to identify this and can help advise you accordingly.

The above map shows trees identified by the Christchurch City Council as protected within Christchurch (marked in green).

NB: The trees shown on this map are current as at August 2012, for verification of the current status of a tree please contact us.