Consultancy & Plant Healthcare

Expert evaluation, education and advice from our specialist team.

There’s not much our arborists don’t know about trees, so we’ve made them readily available to visit your site. We can evaluate your current trees and planting, identify what’s needed, and help develop a plan of action that suits you.

Our specialist arboriculture and plant health care consultants can advise on the long-term care and maintenance of your trees, assist with landscaping, and make recommendations on tree health and structure. We can provide valuations for any tree specimen and regularly offer advice on the health of protected trees.

Our specialists can also produce detailed reports for compliance, legal and safety issues. We have the technical expertise and equipment to accurately map your site so you have accurate records and per-tree budgets to work from.

Tree Evaluations and Reports

Sometimes nothing is straightforward when it comes to trees. Councils, lawyers and developers often need trees assessed for resource consent purposes, neighbour disputes, new subdivisions and identifying trees that may be protected or potentially dangerous. 

Sites that need mapping or advice on how to best protect trees during construction require accuracy and experience. This type of work requires specialists like us.

Our qualified, professional and experienced team can provide the following services:

  • Preparation of arboricultural implication reports for Resource Consent
  • Tree management strategies
  • Dispute mediation reports
  • Root and stand over monitoring
  • Tree protection management plans
  • Tree survey / validation reports
  • Cable bracing survey and installation
  • Expert witness for court
  • VTA, TRAQ, SULE and QTRA qualified staff
  • Tree appraisals, VTA, TRAQ
  • Planting advice for subdivision
  • Issues with trees on boundaries

Plant Health Care

The objective of plant health care is to improve the health status of a tree using cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments. Treetech’s consultancy team is experienced in:

  • De-compaction techniques using airspade and aeration technologies
  • Penetrometer use
  • Tree monitoring
  • Decay detection techniques
  • Tree nutrition and root plate health

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