Shelterbelt Trimming

Keep your shelterbelt well-maintained with specialised equipment and expertise.

While small properties utilise shrubs, larger sites like parks, roads and farms tend to use trees for their shelterbelts and hedges. Because hedges never stop growing, it’s important to keep them regularly trimmed and pruned, particularly those planted in fast-growing tree or shrub varieties.

Treetech regularly provides hedge maintenance for Canterbury farms and councils. We can easily take good care of shelterbelts and hedging in rural areas, parks, sports fields, roads and other public areas.

As well as specialised hedge maintenance skills, our team has the experience, expertise and equipment to take good care of traffic management and ensure the safety of all road users while carrying out shelterbelt maintenance. We’re also power line clearance approved contractors, so we can ensure shelterbelts on large sites are kept trimmed and clear of power lines.

How can Treetech help?

Our consultants can meet with you on-site to determine what your shelterbelt requirements are and tailor a cutting and maintenance contract to suit.

Our specialised tree trimmers have the following capability:

  • Siding Height 18m (58.5ft)
  • Angle Topping 16.5m (53.5ft)
  • Square Topping 13.5m (43.8ft)
  • Maximum Reach 8.3m (27ft) from edge of truck
  • Below Ground 4m (13ft)
  • Weight 14,500 Kg

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