June 20, 2024

Apply for Tree Renewal

Trees play an integral part in reinforcing Christchurch’s identity as the Garden City, a reputation which many Christchurch residents pride themselves on.  As well as their aesthetic values, trees also provide a range of other essential environmental, economic, cultural and social community benefits. With the current challenges being faced through climate change, the vital role which trees play in sequestering carbon, cooling through shade and managing stormwater has never been more important. Given the important role trees play in our urban environment, tree removal will generally be a last resort and the Christchurch City Council will always look for alternatives.

The Christchurch City Council can remove trees as part of the tree renewal program if the tree is dying and unlikely to recover, dead or structurally unsound or causing significant damage. Decisions relating to the removal of trees which fall outside of the Council are made by the relevant community board. All decisions relating to the removal of trees on Council owned or administered land are in line with the Christchurch City Council’s Tree Policy.

For more information regarding problem trees and tree renewal visit the Council’s website

Referenced: Christchurch City Council

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