Tree Removals

We specialise in removing trees in difficult and hard-to-reach locations.

We specialise in removing trees in difficult and hard-to-reach locations. Tree removals are hard and sometimes dangerous work, especially if power lines are involved. Doing the job safely and efficiently takes experience, know-how and the right gear.

How can Treetech help?

We use industry-leading equipment, including our rigging gear, chippers, diggers and stump grinders. Our team can remove any tree efficiently, and we have an impeccable safety record. 

We take great care of your site and will clean up dead or fallen debris, recycle the organic matter into firewood or mulch, and stump grind so you’re left with a clear area.  

For special trees you want to save, our transplanting expertise enables us to lift trees and safely replant them at another location. If you’d like to replace trees we’ve removed, our planting service can source and plant trees up to 10 metres tall.

While we’re there, ask us about any other trees and shrubs that might require care and attention. We can provide thinning and pruning as well as reduction and tree shaping.

If you’re considering a tree removal, get in touch. Our consultants can visit your site to assess the removal and provide a quote. 

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