Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming, thinning and pruning can bring your greenery back to looking its best.

Trees and shrubs are fantastic in our landscape, and provide many benefits such as shade, structure, erosion control, street appeal and privacy. But left unmaintained, overgrown greenery can block the view, block the winter sunshine or spread into neighbouring properties.

The good news is this doesn’t mean you have to remove the tree or shrub. Tree trimming, thinning and pruning can bring most greenery back to looking its best. All tree varieties can benefit from thinning and pruning, including fruit trees, deciduous trees, New Zealand native trees, shrubs and exotics.

How can Treetech help?

Thinning and pruning is an essential part of our arborist services. Our qualified teams can resolve many problems with our expert trimming, and we give each tree the high level of care and attention that all plants deserve! We can prune out deadwood, cut back overhanging branches, trim hedges, thin out trees and shrubs to let in more light and identify disease to prevent its spread.

Our arborists take as much pride in cleaning up after themselves as they do in cutting and caring for your trees. We’ll collect and recycle the organic matter into firewood or mulch so there’s no mess for you to clean up after we’ve gone.

If any of your trees and shrubs have outgrown the site, we have professional reduction and shaping services to tackle this problem. Or, if you prefer to start again with something new, we can provide tree removal, stump grinding, and planting services.

Contact us today for tree thinning and shaping in the Canterbury or Wellington areas.

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