Stump Grinding

Safely remove unwanted tree stumps from your property

Tree stumps can be a real hazard, particularly when they’re unexpectedly unearthed in the middle of a new landscaping project, or left sitting in the lawn where they can damage your lawnmower. If you’ve just had a tree felling crew on your site, there’s a good chance you’ll have an unwanted stump or two!

Stump grinding is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of tree stump removal. Our team have the experience and equipment to efficiently remove any unwanted tree stumps from your property.

How can Treetech help?

We use a range of industry-leading machinery, from smaller hand held grinders and self-propelled grinders for residential sites to commercial grinding machines that can tackle tree stumps on a large scale. We regularly maintain our machines, so they’re always in the best condition to quickly and safely cut and mulch unwanted tree stumps.

Once the stumps have been removed, you may want to plant a replacement tree or transplanted tree. Our experts can source and plant any new trees or shrubs on sites of any size, and while we’re onsite we can answer any other questions you have regarding pruning, trimming, or caring for your trees.

Occasionally, stump grinding may not be appropriate because of its location. If this situation arises, we’ll work with you to find the most suitable solution.

Contact us today for tree stump removal in the Canterbury or Wellington areas.

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