Environmental Management

Our Commitment

Treetech is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner that supports biodiversity, protects natural ecosystems and maintains compliance with statutory legislation, ISO standards, local Council by-laws and resource consents.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) shall combine policy, plans, compliance registers and standard operating procedures to ensure the potentially harmful impacts of our activities are minimised by seeking out sustainable energy options, using resources efficiently, reducing waste, preventing pollution and protecting local waterways.


To deliver on this policy commitment Treetech shall:

  • Consider the full operational life-cycle when identifying risks to the environment.
  • Maintain a Compliance Register to record our legal obligations.
  • Maintain a company Environmental Aspects Register, including identification of significant risk.
  • Provide the resources needed to maintain the EMS.
  • Maintain staff awareness and commitment to environmental protection.
  • Ensure site environmental risks are identified, assessed and controlled before works commence.
  • Provide written standard operating and emergency procedures that include environmental protection.
  • Promote the positive community impact and significant environmental benefits of trees.
  • Ensure procurement procedures support the purchase of sustainable materials and products, and plant and equipment using renewable energy sources wherever possible.
  • Promote the 5R’s to reduce waste - Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Purpose, Recycle before Refuse.
  • Develop a long-term Solid Waste Management Plan to reduce waste over time.
  • Monitor environmental events and near misses for trends and to ensure corrective actions are put in place to prevent recurrence.
  • Review environmental performance throughout the year.
  • Review the company environment policy, objectives and targets annually.
  • Continually seek to improve the EMS.
Chris Walsh, Managing Director
Treetech Specialist Treecare Ltd