Quality Management


Treetech is committed to the continual development and improvement of its Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure
that we deliver arboricultural services of a consistently high quality that:

  • Maintain our reputation as an industry leader
  • Enhance the value of the urban forest in which we live
  • Repeatedly meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and interested parties
  • Comply with statutory legislation and industry approved codes of practice
  • Take advantage of new technology and harness innovation wherever possible
  • Undergo continual improvement review

To deliver on this commitment, Treetech will:

Focus on Customer Needs

Communicate and listen to our customers so that we understand their requirements and expectations and build them into our delivery processes, e.g. customer request process, quotation issue, recording feedback, acting on complaints and contract reporting.

Set quality objectives, identify KPIs & targets

Develop a set of quality objectives to reflect the company Quality Policy. Select relevant KPIs by which to measure quality performance and set acceptable targets.

Provide leadership to engage workers

Promote quality control in everything we do. Communicate the quality policy and objectives with staff. Assign and communicate responsibilities for quality management to ensure individuals understand their role and the consequences of non-conformance.

Develop standardised, documented processes that achieve our objectives

Standardise company activities and processes to ensure consistent results. Provide written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for employees, that include version control and document protection. List applicable NZ and arboricultural standards in documentation and a description of the checks required to ensure compliance.

Provide resources

Ensure staff have the resources required to maintain the QMS, e.g. facilities, information technology, plant and equipment.

Maintain QMS compliance

Monitor changes in legislation, best practice guides, NZ and international standards, local government by-laws and district plans. Programme regular reviews of QMS documents.

Retain ISO accreditation

Seek and achieve annual ISO accreditation from a recognised, external auditing organisation.

Control the Quality of our Supply Chain

Pre-qualify subcontractors, induct and communicate with them to ensure customer quality specification is understood, check the quality of their workmanship and review their performance annually. Engage only approved suppliers and review them annually.

Review quality performance to ensure continual improvement

Review QMS performance annually by comparing results against targets and objectives. Determine causality of non-conformance and consider opportunities for improvement. Update the QMS to prevent recurrence. Review the company policy in light of this information.

Chris Walsh, Managing Director
Treetech Specialist Treecare Ltd