Tree Services

We offer our tree services throughout Christchurch, Canterbury and Wellington as well as surrounding areas.

At Treetech we have years of experience with commercial and council projects. We’re fully equipped and qualified to handle your large scale tree projects.

Here, we maintain the belief that tree care is a science. We have a purpose built asset management software system, GUS, which identifies trees we have worked on and allows us to efficiently organise when we will be working on them again. This is all designed with the focus in mind to cause minimal disruption and ensure the long-term healthy maintenance of your trees.

Our expert team of 120 qualified technicians, arborists, and landscapers will take care of all your tree care requirements. Our services range from residential or commercial property and no project is too big or too small for us. We use a full fleet of specialised equipment including rigging gear, cranes and helicopters.  We also offer fire hazard removal services, like pruning and thinning of trees, tree removal and land clearance.

Below are some of our main tree services, click on the links for more info.