Chris Walsh, Founder and Managing Director of Treetech:


How To Become An Arborist: 

To become an arborist you need to be agile, not scared of heights, ready to work hard, enjoy big machinery, chainsaws and just be able to be hands on. An arborist is someone that can train on the job or can train at a polytechnic or a university.


Arborist qualifications: we get up to a level 4 qualification in arboriculture which you do on job with a company like treetech or you can go to a polytechnic or university. You can become an ISA certified arborist which is a multi choice question and you have to have three or four years of experience in arboriculture doing that.

Sam, Contract Supervisor at Treetech:

I’m Sam and im a contract supervisor here at Treetech. I began my on the on the job training with the company about 4 and a half years ago and since then I’m a qualified arborist. It took just over 3 years to complete my apprenticeship and as I said I’m now a qualified arborist and I look forward to the progression that we have here in the company. I just like the physical aspects of the work we do, particularly climbing trees. You have to have a bit of a spark and an interest for the natural environment and a bit of love and passion to care for what we have existing here in our natural scape in Christchurch.

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