Chris Walsh, Founder and Managing Director of Treetech:

I’ve been running Treetech for 26 years, I started in 1996.
I started by myself and now we have 120 people in our team.


An arborist is someone that climbs trees, prune trees, is not scared of heights, uses chainsaws and lots of machinery, cares for environment, can plant trees. We target prune trees, we can thin them for light, We’re the guys that you call when you need your backyard tidied up.


Treetech works in a range of environments, we work in private households so we prune the backyard trees over the glass house or over your house, or in an urban forest environment where your streets or parks are for councils. We also work in the rural environment where we clear live power lines with our power line utility crews,
and trim hedges, so we work in quite a range of environments.


Commercial clients are the builders or the schools or the parks, and golf courses. What we do for these people is we remove trees, we work around trees when they’re building so we give them root monitoring, pruning to allow for scaffolding. We also work for clients who want to remove trees late at night and can’t have this done during the day. I’ve always been passionate about the environment and plants and did an apprenticeship in horticulture. I then went to England and studied to become an arborist because I just loved climbing trees and that was my childhood dream.The business then grew from there and I employed some people and started employing more people. I then started training people because we couldn’t get fully qualified arborists here in New Zealand and there was a real shortage of staff so we started an apprenticeship scheme and that’s driven me. It’s been a real bonus for me to see young guys and girls become apprentices and then work their way through and become managers in our business.


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