Chris Walsh, Founder and Managing Director of Treetech:


Land Clearance Services, Wellington and Christchurch:


Treetech has a large land clearing contingent. We have specialist tree felling teams and we also have large chippers. We do all our crane work with these guys.

They climb the large trees remove the large gum trees, oak trees, things like that which are causing problems over buildings or in development sites.

These guys go in there and clear for roading projects or new line installs for utilities and shelter belts, so we cut these trees down, chip them all up in our big chippers and then grind them with our large grinders on our excavators. 

I’m Nick from Treetech I’m the Landscape Manager.

We’re here today at Christchurch southern motorway undertaking vegetation clearance for Downer and McConnell Dowell. We’ve got 13 kilometres of vegetation to remove over the next 18 months, it’s going to keep these guys pretty busy. What we have behind us is our large 2090 bandit chipper, this thing’s 22 inches, it will take a massive bit of wood, we’ve got a couple of big diggers that feed it, this thing feeds a lot of chip, the bin will fill in about 40 minutes.

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