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Tree Pruning:

Pruning shrubs and hedges really needs to be done in the spring. You don’t want to do them anywhere near the winter because the new growth will get frosted. It’s really after the first frost has finished, start pruning your trees and your shrubs and reducing them back off your buildings or off your pathways.  It needs to be done every year or twice a year in the growth season just to ensure that they don’t grow too big otherwise once they’re too big it’s a real hard mission to get them back down to the size that you’re actually wanting.

When we target prune it helps reduce infection and it helps the tree, in what we call in layman’s terms, ‘heal’.  Right here I’ll show you how to prune to a growth point. Whilst we’re looking at our trees we want to cut off all the dead wood because as you can see here,  it’s a great place to harbour insects and infection.

And now we’re going to remove this live branch, were going to target prune it right into this branch bark here. Hold the weight and cut it off nicely. If your pruning trees at home, this is where you want to be pruning. We’re not leaving big stubs for infections to come into it, were actually pruning right into the swollen part of the branch.

But if you’re not sure about pruning trees, give us a call at Treetech, and we’ll send an expert arborist round for a free quote.

And at Treetech all of our guys will drag all the debris away.

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